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It only lets you waste time more than to pass time. I thought this game would be fairly nice and cool. It wasn’t. It only shows you the buzzer and how to use it. I would not suggest you try this app.

Good app could use some fixes

I love the app but the could make some changes that would make the app a whole lot better. Keep up the good work guys. -Amanda

Does not allow me to play

Everytime i would play it would show the logo for hours

Less singing acts

Less singing acts, otherwise it's too much like American Idol. More acts like the girl ventriloquist who won last year, more magicians, more non singing acts please. There's still the voice for singers. Make AGT more a talent show, not a singing competition which it seems to be most times!

Everything is so right

I just love this show with all my heart so I got the app and I love it🇺🇸♥️#NBCAGT

Great App! Could use helpful updates!

This is a Fantastic App! Worked like a charm last season and it was my 1st time using it! Love the countdown to next episode! It would be really fun in the new update to have more judge voices!


Good, wonderful, amazing, awesome, and the list goes on and on!!

It is so amazing

4; yearbuhh👌🏡

Great app

Love this app

This is the best game EVER

This game is great you can judge!🌈🌈🙊🙊🙉🤦🏾‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦‍♀️💋👍🏼


Can't watch full episodes unless you go to NBC not as convenient as last year


It's a good app. But this year in agt there were way to many singers!!!!!!!!! I mean what abou the voice. What about comedy acts and magic and more. All the cool acts were taken out

Love it!!!!!!

OMG love the app I love getting to vote and it is awesome!!!!!!!


100 Percent, Love Love the show ❤️👍❤️


This app is easy to use. It doesn't get any easier. By the way just love this show

Love this app!

Love the way the voting is set up and the ease of use! Thank you!

Worst app ever

This is the worst app I have ever been on!!

Extremely easy to use

If you're interested in voting for contestants on America's Got Talent, this is the way to go. No waiting on the phone or dealing with the web, but if you, absolutely, love an act, you can vote that way too.

AGT awesome season But!

It was a great to watch AGT but did not like the slutty dressing and grossly low cleavage, some ting to remember it is a Faimly program it builds inspiration for our young kids. Hoping next AGT will be able to distinguish between sexy and slutty.


Like it

Spoiled the winner

I like the app but im always confused how the voting system works and when you can vote since its very hard to watch it live, i went on the app and spoiled the winner for me


This is the best app ever

Awesome app!

Love this app! Easy to use and keeps me up to date on everything incase I miss it on tv! Never in the dark with AGT!

Voting is easy

It was easy to use for voting purposes. It would be nice if the app showed the rankings of the last 10 finalists. Also, it would be nice to know if any of the contestants furthered their careers.


Love the app. Really idiot proof for those of us who are technologically challenged. Love the show. I experience a wide range of emotions and actually look forward to the season in a world where I enjoy very little of shows that are offered. The only "observation" is a number of acts are not American.


Love the new way of voting! So much easier!

Tyra makes me want to puke!

If I have to stomach another season with her o won't be watching AGT for the first time in 12 years... she is a whoreful disgrace !!!

😡😡😡😡😡😡i wanted to vote

This app sticks I really wanted to vote #love you darci lyyn. DONT buy this takes 3 years to to load!!!!AAaaaaaaaaaa!!!AGT failed on this one.

Vote the easy way

This App makes it easy to vote. I don't find it useful for anything else.


It's a super cool app! It's easy to vote and I love the buzzers! They are so awesome

Great but I miss Nick Cannon !!

He did a better job and is soo talented.

Love the show and App

Great stuff on the show and the app is easy to use.

So Far So Good!

I hadn't had any problems with it.


Love #AGT Comgrats Darcy Lynn!!!!


I just fuc*ing love agt sm it's my entire life all I do is watch YouTube videos of past seasons over and over again. I'm OBSESSED w Tyra and I love all the judges, esp. Simon. The show is just absolutely brilliant, like Simon. I'm just kinda confuzled bout the Dunk and Save- like only the people that are in the right time zone can vote for that cause when it's going on it hasn't even aired yet where I am. Oh, and it takes sm self control not to watch the performances when YouTube sends me notifications when it hasn't even aired on my tv yet. I mean it's my fault I'm subscribed but whateverrr. #ILOVEAGT -Danee Kabel (WA State) 😉❤️

Awesome app!

Love this app!

DARCI ❤️❤️

CONGRATS DARCI!! I loved Chase, Mandy, and Darci. So glad she won ❤️❤️ God, she's so talented 😭💞

AGT the voting app

We enjoy discussing and deciding how to vote while watching. I would recommend an additional area for the app to let us sign up for tickets to attend.

Stop asking me to rate this every day !

Stop asking me to rate this every day

Works great!!

Good app. Easy to use. Easy to vote. Good upgrade from last year. Best upgrade is adding Tyra Banks !!

Like the app!

Using the app makes participating so much easier. This season was filled with great talent! If I had to be picky, I find Mel B's petulance is getting old. She is just too full of herself sometimes. And I like her! Chillax!

Easy to use

Great, easy to use app!

Easy to use

It's easy to use, can't say more than that about it.

I can do without Tara

Hope she is not coming back. Love the show but Tara bugs me.


I wish that the videos would load faster but the voting is really good


There is to many singers!!! I like the show but it is all singers!!!!! I also do not like how when Tyra is saying who is going through she does a 10 minute pause

Easy breezie

The app is easy , not complicated. Great pictures , easy to vote. Love it.

William Alderman Jr

Excellent show full of extremely talented individuals !

Love the show & app, but PLEASE bring Nick Cannon back!!!

Addicted to the show since the first time I watched it (season 3 I think). LOVED Nick Cannon! He had such an awesome stage presence, was funny, and had great energy! Get him back, or someone similar to him! (Anyone but Ryan Seacrest). Tyra is fun, but the "cra-cras" and the other weird lingo she uses are kind of immature and annoying. The app is great too. This is my first year using it, and it's easy and fun.

Love this app

This is the easiest way to vote on AGT. It's colorful, clean, precise and tells you all you need to know.

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